Recover Your Deleted Photos from digital photo recovery software

Is your photos had been lost? Are you frustrated from this problem? Are you thinking that you will never get your pictures back? Then don’t think so much because we have an best solution for your problems that will make you happy and will help you in getting your pictures back which you had deleted from your memory. Pictures are very important parts of our life through which we can remember our past but when it get lost it feels very hurting. There are some reasons due to which you were loosing your data :

  • Due to mishandling of camera
  • Due to attack of virus
  • Due to accidental corruption of your memory
  •  Sudden battery loss
  • Automatic System gets shut down

these are the some common problem due to that you are losing your data and feeling very sad .

for windows :           download  buy

for mac :                   download  buy

Recover your deleted photos with lexar photo recovery :

This software is one of the best recovery software because it will recover your deleted formatted photos very effectively and in a short moment. It will recovery your photos directly from camera and memory cards and it does not compromised with size and quality of the photos. Lexar photo recovery will scan your system and then it will start recovering your deleted photos. It will recover your photos from all types of camera like Samsung, canon etc. This software supports all the versions of mac and compatible with both the operating system windows operating system and Macintosh operating system. This is a award wining software because of its best performance. So we recommended you to use this software in case you lost your data or photos.

Features of lexar photo recovery :

  •  Supports all the versions of mac
  •  Recover photos from any types of multimedia device
  •  Compatible with both operating system
  • Does not compromised with the size of photos
  • Award winning software

and many more features are there which are helpful in getting your deleted photos back. User guide for lexar photo recovery : Step 1) for the very first download and launch the application.


Step 2) And then you need to select the media from which you want to recover your photos.

2Step 3) And when the scanning process is complete then you can also see its preview.


Step 4) And after that you have to select the region of the media.

4 Step 5) Then after choose the types of the file for recovery.

5 Step 6) And with the help of this you can also create the image of media step by step process.

6 Step 7) And the you need to specify the range.

7 Step 8) Now resume the recovery from the last saved scan.


Step 9) And I last save the files in their specified location.


for win :                    download buy

for mac :                   download buy

for more info :


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